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Mobile application development

Android, iOS, Flutter apps

Simplify your workflow and zoom past goals with the perfect mobile application for your business.

Ekatra Infotech is the ultimate app development solution to help you  manage multiple platforms like a breeze. We provide complete solutions for mobile application development, E-commerce app, CRM, and Sales & distribution app.

Real time monitoring of your target audience & traceability was never easier than with Ekatra mobile applications.

Ekatra mobile application development and your business are a match made in heaven! Ekatra crafts cutting edge mobile app design to develop mobile applications that function to serve your needs!. 

We emphasise on business management and operations with a focus on analytics in our mobile app design which eases your business. 

Our mobile application efficiency is one of the best in the country and user friendly apps which we craft will easily place you on the top of the market

We develop mobile applications for maximum flexibility

Ekatra mobile applications are the right choice to capture your management data as the state of the art analytical capability and adaptive MIS we include in our mobile application development stage will assist you in decision making and increase efficient response. 

Analyze Market Data with no tensions! 

Our top-notch mobile application development system is cloud based, scalable, robust, possesses a simple user interface, enables fast adoption, and easy integration to Accounting/ ERP softwares. 

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