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A strategic roadmap for Industries to enhance revenue streams, real time marketing and profitability.

EMAK Sales and Distribution

E-MAK is a sales automation solution to help you have complete control over sales operations. It provides high level
of traceability of sales activities, clear visibility across your sales force deployment, distributors and retailers.

We Develop Ecommerce Website for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Ekatra Infotech is the best eCommerce  development company in Kerala to help you for a complete solution over sales. We provides high level of traceability in online sales activities, clear visibility across your customer taste and product needs. We provide eCommerce solutions for Brands, distributors and retailers.

We Make Your Industry Digital accessible!

Work from Everywhere.

Business Automation is another specialized service we have on board. This involves the use of a right strategy wherein businesses use technology to organize their personnel and systems. Automation software developed by Ekatra is the brainchild of Consultants with a legacy of decades of experience in this field. This automation software permits your company to sustain in the market and reciprocate properly to the turbulences and opportunities presented by the market situations ensuring growth.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

We analyze the business process of the organization and ensure the need of the client organization is rightly conceived. 

Once the concept is perceived we give suggestions and recommendations on the technology to be used and the methodologies to be adapted ensuring all the business needs are optimally met.

Business Analysis

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To deliver user friendly, high performance technology products and services thereby bestowing the clients an exceptional experience of technology made simple, accessible and easily manageable.

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