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IT Consulting

We offer Information Technology Consulting services to enterprises or businesses on how best to use Information Technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives. We analyze the business process of the organization and ensure the need of the client organization is rightly conceived. Once the concept is perceived we give suggestions and recommendations on the technology to be used in the online casino Rio-Bet and the methodologies to be adapted ensuring all the business needs are optimally met.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consultants can help the your organization overcome the challenge by establishing a digital strategy and implementing digital technology across the enterprise. It analyze the company’s tech infrastructure, processes, people and organization to both strengthen the organization’s short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement.

Business Process Automation

Business process automation is use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is done to achieve cost minimization, greater efficiency, and streamlined processes. It accelerates how work gets done by routing information to the right person at the right time through user-defined rules and actions

Integration Support

Software and Hardware support is vital to a business’s IT. It works to ensure smooth, trouble-free operations. In addition to software, device driver, and firmware updates, software and hardware can fail, requiring troubleshooting and repairs. We are committed to providing prompt, reliable computer software and hardware support. We understand how important your systems are to your business and take a proactive approach to prevent problems. Should a problem occur, we work quickly to resolve it.

Custom app Development

Custom App Development is to designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization. This custom software is designed to address specific needs within an organization as opposed to more traditional, standard software used by the masses. Custom software is tailor made for your business and eliminates the need to change your business procedures to fit a pre-developed software product.

Android & iOS Applications

Android & iOS application plays an vital role in our life.Android is designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. iOS is presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, and iPad Touch. Android application provides easy to Integrate , multiple sales channels , easy adoption and iOS application provides security of enterprise data , high-quality standards , apps for all business needs.

Support & Services

At EkatraInfotech, you get 24/7 support to keep your business running at any point of the day. Constancy, transparency and efficiency are the main pillars of our software and support and services. Our services are extremely flexible in nature and can be easily adaptable to your requirements. We solve the problems of our customers quickly, regardless of what time they contact us.. We provide, fixing glitches and crashes and handling troubleshooting issues to managing testing and release and post-sales tech support, we do it all under one roof. We keep our doors open and services customized to fit any and all sizes. Our clients can opt for a one-time service, on a monthly renewal basis or a long-term agreement. Whatever be the nature of our relationship with our clients, we are committed to give our all to it.

Web application development

Web application development is another core competency of Ekatra Infotech. We have already designed and developed a few user-friendly business process software, after much research and analysis. These applications have been successfully implemented by organizations in various countries. These being cloud-based web applications help the organizations to minimize the cost of setting up. These can be accessed from all over the globe using PCs, Laptops, PDAs, Tablets, Mobiles. The features of the products are developed to fit the business need and logic of an organization who wish to grow persistently and sustain in a competitive scenario.

Business Automation Development

Business Automation is another specialized service we have on board. This involves the use of right strategy wherein businesses use technology to organize their personnel and systems. Automation software developed by Ekatra is the brainchild of Consultants with a legacy of decades of experience in this field. These automation softwares permit your company to sustain in the market and reciprocate properly to the turbulences and opportunities presented by the market situations ensuring growth.

Website Design

A professional and clean website is essential for any business to succeed in the online realm.The look and feel of your website is paramount in determining whether someone stay on it or leaves. Our website design is focus on nature of the your and what you need for a fruitful online presence to ultimately push revenues further up.
Our website design is clean and has integrated CMS(Content Management System) for easy editing and handling of content.

Branding & Logo

Our brand and logo say a lot about who you are as a company. The fine crafting that goes into your company’s logo imbues it with a distinct tone that embeds itself into your customer’s subconscious. As experts in this field, we spend a great deal of time working out which font, color and image are just right for your corporate identity to be both trusted and memorable. We are helped our clients achieve recognition for excellence in marketing


e-Commerce business is on the rise globally. Our eCommerce developments services team will provide you with customer insights, merchandising strategy, technology, supply chain and digital marketing strategy that will help you become a leading eCommerce player in your industry.Our team of experienced eCommerce development experts will help guide your online entry strategy and decide which marketplaces are right for you to sell your products and reach a more extensive array of customers.

Featured Work

Software Solutions

Marketing and Sales Management System

The Marketing and Sales Management System is a web-based system for managing the activities done by the marketing department of an organization. This system is designed to manage and track the activities right from order taking to Sales order processing efficiency. Through this web application addition of potential customer/ dealer details, we can manage the schedule of the marketing executive, enable order taking, track the target of the executives on a monthly basis, managing collection. 

Web Applications

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management software will track the progress of a confirmed order till delivery of the product. This software helps in efficiently managing the process in a time bound manner and also acts as a data bank for all vehicle details, vehicle insurance details, the details of logistics department staffs, the dispatch and trip details and the trip expense details.

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Ekatra Infotech

EkatraInfotech is an absolute technology solution provider which offers software application development, application management and technology integration services to those who want to get their technology in shape to stay ahead in this innovative world. We believe that IT infrastructure is the nervous system of any modern organization that connects the various systems and functions. We promise the best in class business and technology solutions backed by our structured development processes and ability to adapt to newer technologies. We integrate the latest, safest and the best of technology to deliver faster, better delivering smart, flexible, and reliable products, services and efficient solutions to our customers thereby exceeding their expectations..

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“We are very satisfied with Ekatra! They have proven to be a very qualified and experienced team; they delivered an excellent product at great value. They were very flexible and easy to work!”

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