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Business Automation

Implementing Process automation can increase productivity and efficiency, while also delivering valuable business insights and control costs across the organization.

Human resources

Automate a wide range of HR tasks like onboarding, payroll management and benefits administration. Our systems can also provide insights into workforce productivity.

Sales processes

Automate repetitive tasks throughout the sales process, whether it’s qualifying leads based on their buyer journey, assigning prospects to the right rep or creating data-backed sales forecasts.

Finance and Accounting

By automating financial planning and accounting functions, companies can free up time for important tasks like analysis, strategy and collaboration with stakeholders.

What We Do

Containerizing business automation solutions allows for the app to be accessed across multiple platforms while allowing developers and business users to co-manage the life cycle of the applications.

Discover processes

Pinpoint inefficiencies or hotspots in your operations to help determine where automated processes can provide the greatest impact.

Augment your workforce

Enhance and support the work of human employees

Automate Core Operations

Document processing, workflow orchestration, and decision management to key operational areas to meet business needs.

Process Documentation

Requirements gathering at the process and activity levels to eliminate the need for lengthy documents

Integrated Content Management

Every Process and Data in one place

Process Analytics and Insights

Uncover business risks and bottlenecks by evaluating historical data and creating real world, industry-standard simulations.

Work with a Team of Talented Business Analysts

At Ekatra, The models produced by business Analysts with code produced by IT developers creates process-driven apps which are more agile and can be adapted more quickly to changing demands

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