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About Ekatra Infotech

We provide automation support for organizations who foresee an innovative approach to systematize processes.

About US

Ekatra Infotech

EkatraInfotech is an IT firm engaged in providing automation support for organizations who foresee an innovative approach to systematize their critical business processes. Every business and every organisation has a unique character. Automation has always been intended to provide qualitative support for the work of human resources and processes.

EkatraInfotech develops cloud based automation support softwares for small and medium enterprises to help them grow persistently and sustain in a competitive scenario. They provide Software As a Service and customize their products to cater the requirement of the clients which are in the circumscribe and also support the client in real time implementation. EkatraInfotech ensures the need of the client organisation is rightly conceived before kick off. With the right planning and use of methodologies to reduce undesirable IT costs they aim at delivering the best automation solution within the timelines befitting the budget and need of the client. The rigorous testing phase before delivery assures the delivery of an application with outstanding quality. They pledge that they donโ€™t just make their software work, they make it work well at every stage thereby giving the clients what they need most from their IT investments.

  • Frontend Development
  • Custom application Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile applications
  • Business Automation
  • Social Media/SEO

We Are A Full Business automation provider

Business Automation is a specialized service we have on board. This involves the use of a right strategy wherein businesses use technology to organize their personnel and systems. Automation software developed by Ekatra is the brainchild of Consultants with a legacy of decades of experience in this field. This automation software permits your company to sustain in the market and reciprocate properly to the turbulence’s and opportunities presented by the market situations ensuring growth

As licensed Ekatra Infotech professionals, we know the value of Technology and Innovation


We offer Information Technology Consulting services to enterprises or businesses on how best to use Information Technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives. We analyze the business process of the organization and ensure the need of the client organization is rightly conceived. Once the concept is perceived we give suggestions and recommendations on the technology to be used and the methodologies to be adapted ensuring all the business needs are optimally met.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To deliver user friendly, high performance technology products and services thereby bestowing the clients an exceptional experience of technology made simple, accessible and easily manageable.

Incorporating the best processes and tools in all our projects.

Effectively managing the application life cycle always.

Imparting trainings and training material to the users.

Focusing on employee satisfaction and well being


Study, Learn and Analyze the organization structure, system and functions


Our analyst refine the system and structure. Conclude to a perfect process flow and discuss


We develop the refined organization structure and build and automated from every point and integrate to the external systems