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EMAK Sales Automation

A complete sales automation solution to help you have 360 degree control over sales operations.

Challenges in Sales & Distribution?

E-MAK is a sales automation solution to help you have complete control over sales operations. It provides high level
of traceability of sales activities, clear visibility across your sales force deployment, distributors and retailers.

Collect & Process your Data

E-MAK is the right tool to capture your market data as its analytical capability and adaptive MIS will assist you in
decision making and increase sales force efficiency and stay on top of the market

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

The right tool to capture your market data as its analytical capability and adaptive MIS will assist you in decision making and increase sales

Sales Force Management

Beat Plans, Activity Trackers, Attendance, GPS based Tracking.

Order Processing

Sales Order, Order Consolidation, Approval, Invoicing, Sales Returns

Masters & Price Control

All Configurable Masters.
Market Wise / Brand Wise Price Control.

Sales Targets

Manage Category Wise, Customer Wise, Market Wise Sales Targets, Executive Wise Monthly Sales Targets.

Collection Management

Easy Cash Collection Management through Mobile App. Realtime Customer Ledger Visibility and Update.

Logistics Management

Logistics Cost Modelling, Vehicle Management, Trip Scheduling, Dispatch Management, Driver App for Delivery.

Distributor Dashboard

Through a dealer app reduce your distance to dealers, seamless information flow; faster transactions.

Van Sales

Van Sales Module with Offline App.
POS with Credit and Collection. Van Inventory Management

Data Analytics & Alerts

Get timely market insights & alerts. Identify Sales opportunity & maximize revenue. Classify customers based on performance.

Scheme Management

Customisable Scheme Management

Hybrid User Interface

Access from Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility at Distributor level.

Secondary Sales Schemes

Build loyalty among retailers, maintain total control over promotional budget

MIS & Reports

Monitor KRAs, Evaluate performance against KPIs, Generate Reports

Sales Executive Application

One app for all: Visit Schedules, Sales Orders, Competitor Tracing.

Van Sales Application

Offline application with integration to POS device.

Secondary Sales Visibility

Get real-time status of secondary sales,
monitor retail performance.

Integrate with ERP

Ready to integrate with your accounting
software or ERP software

Analyze Customer Data

Cloud based, Scalable, Simple user interface, Robust, Enabling faster adoption, Easy integration to Accounting/ ERP software’s

"I favour the fact that EMAK can be a goto out of the box solution not just for sales but for multiple facets of an organization."

– Dirsha Kalliyath

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