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Business Automation

A complete business automation solution to help you have 360 degree control over sales, distribution and operations.

Unable to monitor & Control your Business?

Ekatra Infotech automation solution to help you have complete control over business operations. It provides high level of traceability of Profit and Loss, Income,expenses, sales activities, clear visibility across your sales force deployment, human resources, supply chain, distributors and retailers.

Integrate & Process your Business data

Ekatra is the right team to capture your market data, Business management and operations as its analytical capability and adaptive MIS will assist you in decision making and increase Over all efficiency and stay on top of the market

What does business automation needs?

The right team to capture your management  data as its analytical capability and adaptive MIS will assist you in decision making and increase efficiency.


Lead Management

Respond immediately to lead email, phone call or message request

Assign Employees

Assign inbound leads to a sales representative


Follow up

Follow up with new networking connections

Capture leads by offering free content

When a lead enters their name and email address into the form, automation software delivers the requested resource.

Sales Pipeline

Set a framework for your sales pipeline. A lead has been identified. When a lead is tagged as a new opportunity, the software assigns a sales rep to contact him.

Hottest leads

Automation software sets your priorities by ranking each lead based on his or her engagement with your marketing efforts.


Marketing automation for small business encourages customers to buy and buy again—even if they forget to reorder, abandon a shopping cart

Customer Service and Engagement

Automation allows you to treat clients as you would if you had more time. Help clients immediately, respond to their feedback and even send wishes for a happy birthday


Hosting an event keeps your stretched team busy enough. Let small business automation handle some of the details, like registrations, confirmations and promotion.

Office management

Utilize workflow automation for small business to do the office work you don’t have enough time for, like doing repetitive to-dos, handling paperwork and managing the job application process.


Send and Receive Documents

Whether you’re sending contracts or collecting tax forms, documents play a critical role in many businesses. That doesn’t make them worthy of your time. Leave the paper-chasing to your software by setting up automated processes.

Make to-dos more efficient

Business automation can’t  replace every task performed by people. But it can improve repetitive processes that require the human touch, helping you and your staff members save time and stay organized.

Analyze Business Data

Cloud based, Scalable, Simple user interface, Robust, Enabling faster adoption, Easy integration to Accounting/ ERP software’s

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